Friday, March 24, 2006

Belgian Beer no.40: Het Kapittel Prior

I am not sure I should be discouraged, or if actually all is just pure joy? At a certain point I might just as well stop counting. Now at beer 40, with a lot of lateral ones discovered through the main (tasted) beer.
No difference to the ones tried before, the Kapittel Prior Watou opened the door (well Internet) to 6 other beers. And the numbers just seem to be going up. It will take me a life time to go through all the Belgian Beers.
Kapittel Prior Watou. I liked this beer very much. Starting off as a pure fruity beer lover, it seems my taste buds are evolving and I enjoyed this beer at 9% very much.
If you wonder about the name/ label combination, the explanation is the following: kapittel in Flemish refers to the hierarchical differences made between priests and fathers within a monastery.
The ‘brothers’ of Kapittel Watou are: Kapittel Pater (6%), Kapittel Dubbel (9%), Kapittel Abt (10%), Kapittel Blond (6.5%), Hommelbier (7.5%), Watou’s Wit (5%).
No recipe.

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