Monday, March 31, 2008

Zythos Beer Festival

Zythos. Of course!

With a Belgian Beer Blog, of course we went there. And of course we drank a lot (!!!) of Belgian beers. Good thing we were two and the glasses were small and the Belgian public transport was a-ok. So be prepared for a lot of beer reviews to come from Zythos and a new, favorite Belgian beer.

Belgian Beer no.201: Abbaye de Malonne Brune

Another Abbaye, another beer. Abbaye de Malonne and it's brown beer. We tried this beer close to Namur (where the abbey is located). A nice, slightly spiced beer, high in fermentation and at 6.3% easy to drink.
(Note: the beer is brewed in collaboration with the Brasserie Lefebvre.)

Belgian Beer no.84 - revisited

Super des Fagnes, revisited.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

200 Belgian Beer, 200 Belgian Beers, 200 Belgian Beers

Another milestone!

Here is to 100 more :)

Belgian Beer 200: Carabier

A new category of 'no comment' beers. Still Belgian, but won't be buying them anytime soon.

Here the Carabier, a beer brewed specially for Colruyt (a supermarket chain in Belgium).

And we got 200!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brewery Visit: Fantome

Time for something a little bit different. Sort of been there, done that. I think what surprised me most about the Brasserie Fantome was that :

  1. very small. Sort of a living room and lots of beer boxes.
  2. most of their production is made for export, so we could barely get our hands on some left-overs (no kidding) beer bottles. We bought everything they had left in the living room/ shop!
  3. we left.

A few more details: the brewery was created in 1988, is entirely family owned, and produces quite a few beers all sold in 75cl bottles. Which will be soon enough reviewed here as well.

Again, there is a lot of beer out there ...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Belgian Beer 199: Palm Speciale

A little bit of history: in 1904 the Belgian brewery schools organized a 'brew a heavy, over 5%, beer' contest. Sort of. The beers that won were given the name of 'speciale' (or 'ale'). Palm Speciale was one of them. A light beer by today's standards, the Palm Speciale is 5.2% and a nice , slightly hopped beer. Brewed by Palm, of course.
(Hey, one more to go and we reach 200! Who would have thought ... kind of gave up on the recipes in the meantime ... but if you are looking for food ... )

Belgian Beer 198: Waterloo Double Dark

We had the blond. Now the dark. Armonatic, nice balance, toasted malt and hop. At 8.5% fairly strong. Another dark beer. Ame brewery.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Belgian Beer 197: Gordon Scotch

Just because it is a Belgian Beer. Don't really like it though. A little too strong, a little too much. Brewed by Brasserie John-Martin. 8.6% brown beer.
Maybe it's an image problem?