Monday, July 30, 2007

Session 6 and Belgian Beer no.156: Hoegaarden Rosée

'When God created man, it was just for laughs!' or maybe 'The difference between a man and E.T.? E.T. calls home.'
This and many other 'female' jokes accompany the newly launched publicity campaign for Hoegaarden Rosée, a newby on the market. Clearly, the beer was 1 - designed for the summer and 2 - aimed at women. So I went and got myself a six-pack (how girly does this sound, eh?)
A fruit beer (raspberry) combining the flavors of the traditional Hoegaarden White now with hints of fruit and summer. And my entry for Session 6 hosted by Beer, Beats & Bites: The Session!
Taste? Well it's a fruit beer. I had a very long love affairs with cherry beers and still like an occasional Kriek. But I kind of prefer the Blanche avec Citron (a Hoegaarden White with a slice of lemon) over their rosier version. Plus the Hoegaarden Rosee almost doesn't taste like beer (it's a 4.5%). It does look very pretty though. Very pink.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Belgian Beer no.155: Boerinneken

Here is an odd beer out: Boerinneken (the farmer's wife). I only took a photo of the bottle neck because there was no label on the bottle except the one you see. Very little information indeed.
Boerinneken is brewed by Den Ouden Advocaat, (but see comments for more precise information), which is more like a cooperative than a brewery (they also produce pralines, honey, etc). The Boerinneke is one in a pair of two: the Boerken (the farmer) and the above mentioned. The restaurant didn't have the male version though.
Boerinneken. A very strong blond beer, abbey type, at 9.5%. But a very interesting and pleasant taste. I really liked it, but it does go to your head. The beer is fermented in the bottle.

Belgian Beer no.154: Bersalis

The Brasserie Oud Beersel, started brewing in 2005 the Bersalis (which is the old Latin name for the town of Beersel).
Bersalis is a triple blond beer, 9.5%, and very much a traditional old style gueze. There is apparently a special glass as well, but the restaurant didn't have it.
There is a whole story behind the label, the woman on the label (hint: temptation, sin and pleasure) but you can read all this information on the Brasserie Oud Beersel website.

Belgian Beer no.153: Margriet

I mentioned before the occasional feeling of despair when it comes to the amount of Belgian beers. Well, all justified.
Just an example: Mechelen, was declared in 2005 a 'city run by women'. (For 3 months, not longer). So what does the city of Mechelen decide with the Brewery Het Anker? Let's brew a woman's beer (!) Margriet. A woman's beer!
Commercial, but a very nice blond beer at 6.5%. Really drinkable and pleasant. Worth a try, and it does seem to be quite popular.

Belgian Beer no.152: Helleketelbier

The following 4 beers were tried in Restobieres, a little restaurant specializing on Belgian food and Belgian beer. I will write on the restaurant and food on my food blog. Here the beers.
First one up (no. 152 in the total count) the Helleketelbier - in aprox. translation that means the light kettle beer. All allusion to the witches kettle where they would brew this beer. The beer, as the name suggests, is a special brew and at 7% ok - but a little too mix spiced for my taste. There was a little bit of everything: spices, coriander, oranges, pepper etc. Too complex :)
Brewed by the Brasserie de Bie.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Belgian Beer no.151: Folie

Another beer form the Brasserie en Vapeur, the Folie (Craziness?). Again a very strong beer, a blonde of 8%. Quite a spicy beer, with hints of cumin and oranges. Again a question of taste.
... and we're out of beers again. However I'll wait for a while till you 'digest' all the beers posted today.

Belgian Beer no.150: Cochonnette

Staying in the region with two (very!) funny beers. First one Cochonette (Mrs. Piggy?). Brewed by the Brasserie a Vapeur.
Now as funny the label and the name are, the beer is not my style. Please note this is only a question of taste. The beer is an ale beer and at 9% was too strong for me. Beer is beer, wine is wine! This beer is very dark, very strong and very fruity. A strange mix which I am sure works for many.
Might be of interest that the Brasserie a Vapeur is publicly brewing every last Saturday of the month.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Belgian Beer no.149: Fasnoise

Still staying in the same region, just a different beer. The Frasnoise. I never heard or read about this beer, so a great discovery.
What should I call this beer? A very pleasant summer beer. Not too rich, not too heavy, and they call it 'givree'. Not sure what that means. Also it seems the Brasserie Frasnoise only produces this one beer. Now how great is that?

Belgian Beer no.148: Blanche des Saisis

If you have been reading this blog regularly, then you know I am a blanche (white) fan. I was happy to discover that Brasserie Ellezeloise also has a blanche. A very refreshing nice beer, at 6.2% drinkable and overall pleasant. Nothing too exciting though.
And with this beer we more or less covered all the beer brewed bu the Brasserie Ellezeloise. Yehey!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Belgian Beer no.147: Quintine Ambre

The amber sister of the blonde, the Quintine ambree is a strong 8.5% beer. Slightly caramely in taste. Perhaps too strong for a sunny afternoon.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Belgian Beer no.146 : Saison 2000

We spent a whole weekend in the region, so don't be surprised that most of the beers to follow are from the Brasserie Ellezeloise. We already tried the Quintine and the Hercule. It was time to try the rest.
First one up: Saison 2000. 6.5% amber beer, and absolutely delicious. In this range, there are very few really good beers and this one trust me is a very pleasant discovery. A truly great beer, which I wish we'd have more of available in Brussels. Try it out if you get the chance.
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Session 5: The Search for Cheers

A new event (for me!) sort of similar to WBW - the Session. I have not yet had the time to enquire where the name comes from, but I am intrigued. A regular event on beer? And I missed it for so long? Ts ts ts.

This time around the event is hosted by Hop Talk, where the round up will be set as well. In short Session no. 5 referred to atmosphere - Where is your favorite place to have a beer? When? With whom? Most importantly: why? At first I thought this might be just a little too well, non beer, but then again I never asked myself these questions.

Favorite place to have a beer: there are several around Brussels, but my local, Cafe Belga still stays at the top. It's a big place, recently non smoking (sorry guys, but I am into the whole non-smoke thing. I am happy when I get home not to smell like a pub!). The place is loud, is young, occasionally has live music, and a decent range of simply drinkable beers.

With whom? Besides the very close people to me just about everyone enjoying beer. I am not choosy as such, and I enjoy it when people like to discover Belgian beers and enjoy a drink or two.

Why? Because I can? That's a though one. I guess because the choice is so varied I can just not stop being curious (or is that a very girly thing to say?). It's impossible to not be drinking beer when there are so many beers available. Plus everyone drinks beer in Belgium :)