Monday, April 23, 2007

Belgian Beer no.128: La Poiluchette

A beer by the Delirium brewery and served (and tasted) in the Delirium Cafe. It so happened the beer was on special offer, so we decided to try La Poiluchette - the Cuvee du Chateau, blonde beer. At 7.5% not neglectable, but a nice beer. Nothing too memorable though.

Oh, on a different note I am currently out of beer tasting notes, or photos, so if you have any you'd like to contribute with please let me know. If not I guess there is more drinking to be done :)

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Belgian Beer no.127: Abbaye des Rocs

I wrote before on beers from the Abbaye des Rocs (Belgian Beer no.63). However this time around we tried the Abbaye des Rocs a pure matl beer, at 9%. A very rich beer, this is how I remember this beer. And very strong.

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Beer Bar in Brussels - Delirium Cafe

The absolut ultimate beer bar in Brussels (well, ever!) - the Delirium Cafe. Well in itself I could go on and on about this beer bar, however it is best discovered on your own.

All I will tell you is this: the bar offers well, about every single beer in Belgium. Over 2000 (!!!) beers are on offer and it is a real challenge to go through all of them. But everyone has to start somewhere. Cheers!
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Belgian Beer no.126: Mort Subite

I already wrote a long, long time ago on this beer. Well not actually this one, but the Mort Subite line. This beer is brewed and served at one of the long standing beer bars in Brussels, A La Mort Subite.

The beer, a very authentic and sweet cherry beer, the Kriek.
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