Sunday, March 19, 2006

Belgian Beer no.36: Vondel, the artist

To continue. At the moment it feels like sleep, beer, sleep, beer. Well not as bad as that … Vondel. Isn’t that the coolest label ever? This beer is brewed at the Liefmans Brewery, which like every other brewery in Belgium brews again a whole range of beer. And dates all the way back to 1679
Starting with Vondel. It is a very dark beer, with caramel taste and quite a spicy note. At 8.5% again a strong Belgian beer. However it is just one of the beers brewed by Liefermans. Besides Vondel, they are also brewing the Dentergems (5%), the Lucifer (8.4), the St. Arnoldus (7.4), and finally the Straffe Hendrik Blond (6%) and Dark (8.5%). These are the ‘special beers’. Then the normal range covers the Kriek (cherry), Appel (apple), Framboos (raspberry) and the Perzik (peach). The Gluehkriek which is as much a mulled cherry beer (has to be drunken hot), the Goudenband (8%), the Jan van Gent (5.5%), the Oud Bruin (Old Brown at 5%), and the Abdis Blond (6.5%), Bruin (6.5%) and Tripel (8.2%). These are the new kids on the block!
Oh, and that makes another range of beers to try out. It seems every time I try one beer, happy to count one less, at least 5 other are emerging I didn’t know about…. I probably should start taking orders soon if anyone wants to try one or the other beer out and help me count down!
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