Sunday, August 23, 2009

Belgian Beer no.317: Malheur Cuvee Royale

This was a fantastic beer. First off, I had no idea Malheur was also brewing bubble-beers. We tried the Malheur 6° way back when. And then this!
Absolutely great beer. I probably liked it so much as it kind of tasted like a beery champagne. Probably not what you would like from either a beer. Or a champagne. But it really works. (Remember the Deus?)
We tried the Malheur Cuvee Royale. A blond and sparkly beer, brewed according to traditional methods and at 9.2% close to ... well, champagne. Now all I have to do is try and locate the other Malheur bubbles, the Brut and the Dark Brut.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Belgian Beer no.314, no.315, no.316: Leireken Blond, Leireken Brown, Leireken Wild Berries

Continuing the bio-beer discovery, the other 3 Leireken beers we tried. From left to right the blond 6%, the brown 6% and the wild berries 5.2%. The blond is yeasty, hoppy and rich. The brown is toasted and caramelized. The wild berries is fruity and red, sort of a bio-Kriek.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Belgian Beer no.313: Leireken Witte Spelt

Enter the world of bio-beers. First one up the Leireken Witte Spelt.
I love white beers. This is no different. At 5% easy to drink. Very refreshing. Summer in a glass. Brewed by Guldenboot.

Belgian Beer no.312: Kartuizer

OK ... So I do remember this beer. But if I tell you we tried it sometimes at the beginning of the year, you'll wonder what we have been up to since?
Well, not much except building. Deciding on wall paint colours. Tile colours. And who knew there are so many types of radiators and boilers out there? Anyway ...
We have been honestly too busy to drink new beers, so I will slowly make my way through the 'saved' beers, and hopefully come the autumn beer festivals we'll be up and drinking again.

De Kartuizer. Brewed by De Graal, at 8.5% a strong beer. Malt and fruits, somewhat spicy and sweet at the same time.