Friday, January 06, 2006

Belgian Beer no.13: Barbar, the Barbarian

The fact that I like honey beers I think has been established. Further, it is my aim to go through all the honey beers available locally, and then try step by step to post on each and every Belgian beer around.
In this quest (what a difficult life indeed!), I recently tried the Barbar. Again a honey beer, Barbar is brewed at the Lefebvre Brewery which is located in the valley of the Senne since 1876. Barbar is a beer which has a slight malt taste and subtle (very subtle) hints of honey. A lot stronger than I thought at 8% alcohol and a lot less sweet. Yet a refreshing beer, usually served at 5°.
The best thing about the beer (I am sure I have said this before about others too)? The glass. Actually more a mug than a glass, it really is superb. Plus I have been using it ever since as a substitute for my water glass as it saves a couple of trips to the tap.

No recipe.