Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Belgian Beer no.110: Bon Secours

The Bon Secours beer, a living beer as they call it. A very heavy beer, non filtered, which at 8% is quite a treat. It comes as blond, amber or dark.
The Brewery Caulier also brews the Perle Caulier (5%), the Blonde de Noel (10%), the Bon Secours Myrtille (blueberry) and Framboise (raspeberry) both at 7%. The brewery was established in 1933 by the Caulier family and it still run by them today.

Belgian Beer no.109: La Chouffe

Now this beer is a little bit puzzling. For some odd reason or the other - and here, please help me out! - this beer has developed quite a following. There are fans around the world, and people rather obssesed with this beer. Not sure why so if you have any input, reason, suggestion let me know. I'd love to hear about it.
Back to La Chouffe. I just recently tried it out and yes, it is a nice beer. Quite strong at 8% but drinkable, slightly bitter and hoppy. Nice though. Still doesn't explain the passion around it.
The beer is brewed at the Brasserie d'Achouffe which besides the traditiona La Chouffe also brewes the McChouffe and the N'Ice Chouffe (in the winter).

Friday, November 24, 2006

Belgian Beer no.108: La Waterlootoise

Now this is a beer we did not try. Why you'll ask? Well because 4 bottles came to almost 20euro. Which if you know the prices of Belgian beers is just a little too much.

However I could not walk by without taking a picture of it. La Waterlootoise. A wild guess where we came across this beer? By the way it is brewed at the same place as Belgian Beer no. 107.
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Belgian Beer no.107: Gentse Tripel

Ok... photos getting blurry now. Still in the same bar in Ghent. Continuing with the Ghent beer road, we tried the Gentse Tripel. This beer is apparently brewed by the Van Steenberge Brewery the same brewery as for Belgian Beer no. 80.

Not much more I can tell you about the Gentse tripel except it is quite strong.
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Belgian Beer no.106: Jan van Gent

I apologize for the quality of the photo. Sometimes Belgian bar lights are not very flattering for a passionate blogger.

Jan van Gent. Many will tell you this is their favorite beer. I heard a lot about it before I even saw/ tasted the beer. Just to make sure we 'fit it', we had Jan van Gent in ... you guessed it, Ghent.

A nice beer, easy to drink at 5.5%. Brewed by Liefmans Brewery.
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Belgian Beer no.105: Valeir

We tried this beer as part of our visit to Gent. The bar advertised it as 'the beer of the month', we never heard of it so what else to do then try it out? Valeir is brewed by Contreras a brewery I never heard of.

Apparently the beer was launched in June 2004. Good thing as I really liked it. Quite a heavy beer, slighly bitter, tasting of hop and at 6.5% just about drinkable.
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Belgian Beer no.104: Vieux Temps

Vieux temps, or the good old days. This beer is brewed by InBev, and at 5.2% is a very light beer. Not my favorite though as it somehow lacked personality.
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Belgian Beer no.103: Napoleon

There is not a lot I can tell you about this beer. Except that it is called Napoleon and we drank it in Waterloo. Talk about location, location, location :)
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Beer Bar in Brussels - De Skieven Architek

An institution in Brussels if you ever get the chance to visit it. De skieven architek is located in the Marolles, the old part of Brussels. Serving their own beer as well, worth a visit. Although be prepared for what I call 'no service'!
De Skieven Architek: Place du Jeu de Balle 50, 1000 Brussels, Tel: +32/2/514 43 69
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Belgian Beer no.102: De Skieven Architek

We had this beer in a Brussels 'institution', the 'De Skieven Architek'. This bar is located in the Marolles, an old and authentic region of Brussels.

The bar, located in an old fire station, brews its own beers namely De Skieven Architek Blond and Dark. There is little to none information on the bottles on the composition, alcohol content but I can tell you there were heavy and strong :)
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Belgian Beer no.101: Druide

... and the Belgian Beer saga continues. Here is to another 100 beers.

The next one up, the Druide beer. We discovered this one at the Franco-Belgian beer festival. Very interesting, a small Brewery Druide. Even a little hippy I would say. We tried the Druide Blond, a light beer, slightly fruity at 6.5%. The Druide Bruijn (dark) was there only on show as the beer is not available yet. The brewery also brews another beer, the Overleieneire, at 6.5% which we didn't try (or see) though. Cheers!
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