Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Belgian Beer - General

You might have noticed I was not too active blogging about Belgian beers. Not because of any less drinking but responsibilities around work increased (good!) however free time decreased (bad!). Anyway ... I'll try to bring you some more Belgian beers, but if you do have any you would like to share please let me know.

Also as readers of this blog (are there still any out there?!) if you come across any links which might not work please do let me know! So I can update them.

In the meantime, happy summer drinking. Some lovely fresh Belgian beers out there ...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Belgian Beer no.326: Vuuve

We actually went to visit this brewery, and had all their beers. Amongst several of us no worries :)
The beers are brewed by the Brouwerij Smisje and the Vuuve is a 5% white beer, slightly thik (I guess cloudy would be the term) and with lots of hints of citrus.