Sunday, March 19, 2006

Belgian Beer no.37: Hercule, the detective

Not Hercule Poirot himself, but I have to admit the name was the first reason we bought this beer. The beer was indeed named after him, as the famous Belgian detective is the best-known citizen of Ellezelles (where the brewery is located).
Hercule Stout is one strong beer at 9%. However I loved the malt taste, slight caramel and deep dark colour.
Besides the Hercule, the brewery is producing the Quintine Blonde (8%) and Dark (8.5%), in memory of a famous witch of the region. And two more beers, the Blanche des Saisis (6.2%) and the Saison 2000 (6.5%).
Yey, more beer for me to try out!
No recipe.
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