Monday, August 27, 2007

Belgian Beer no.26 - Brugge Tripel revisited

Micheal does it a lot more justice than I did way back when.
Text and photo: Michael
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Seeing Andreea’s write up on Brugs Tarwebier reminded me that I had a Brugge Tripel on my ever decreasing shelf of beers from my last trip to Belgium.
I’m still a little confused if there is a difference between “Brugs” and “Brugge”, ( anyone ?) so for clarity, the bottle suggests the brewery is De Gouden Boom / N.V Palm.
This is one of my favourites. At 8.7%, and being a tripel, it is certainly a beer that you have to take your time over. It’s very malty and fruity, and from the first sip, you just know that it’s going to blow your head off if drunk hastily.
It’s difficult to identify the constituents of the “fruitiness”, but that’s what I really like about it – it’s very complex on the palette, and warm with it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belgian Beer no.158: Brugs Tarwebier

There is no mystery to this: we've been to Bruges. Which means that we had to try the local beers (of course!). Problem is some have already made it on to Belgian Beers. Not the Brugs Tarwebier.
We tried the Tarwebier. At 5% an ideal summer white beer. Although it wasn't too hot outside. But a nice beer. Maybe a little uneventful?
Editing after Boak's comment: problem is the photo shows the Brugs Tarwebier (a white beer) bottle with the Brugs Blond (a blonde beer) glass. A little confusing, I know. But two different beers. One is a blanche (a white), the other a blond, and a little stronger at 6.5 % . In conclusion we had the white beer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Belgian Beer no.157: Moeder Overste

It was high time for some new beers. Strangely enough there was very little beer tasting lately. Then again there are not one, but two beer festivals coming up where we'll get more than our fair share of tastings.

Moeder Overste. The beer was on offer as the beer de jour. Tried it. A little too strong for my taste (8%) but a very nice beer. A triple style, which apparently needs to be served with a head. Same brewery as for Belgian Beer no.114, Saison 1900.