Friday, July 11, 2008

Villaggio della Birra - Italian Beer Festival

Villaggio della Birra. Ok, it's Italian. And it's in Tuscany (I wish!). But here's the deal: the festival is sort of a Brassigaume or a Zythos Italian style. And the breweries present, or at least some of them: Achilles, Boelens, Blaugies, Cazeau, Den Hopperd... and the Italians, Olmaia, Petrognola, Lambrate, Montegioco.
All you have to do is:
- be in Bibbiano-Buonconvento on the 6/7 September 2008;
- like beer;
- purchase your tokens, get a glass and visit the various stands;
- drink and meet the Master-Brewers;
- taste their products.
Personally, if I would be in the area I'll go. OR if I would plane a Tuscan holiday. Or really if I would have enough money for a round trip ticket Brussels/Siena. However none of the above apply. So if you do go, or happen to be an Italian reader (ciao!) and go - could you let us know? Take some photos, taste, write a review or two?
Grazie and Cheers!

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