Monday, July 21, 2008

Beer Bar in Turnhout - In Den Spytighen Duvel

A series of beers and beer bars reviewed by Michael follows for the next couple of days. This will give us the chance to try and drink some more for you.
Text and photo: Michael
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Turnhout is about a 50 minute train ride from Antwerp, and almost the same by car. The Spytighen Duvel (Mournful Dead) is situated a short walk from the Market place.
Once it opened ( it opened an hour later than listed), the range of beers on offer was, at a guess into the hundreds. Ample seating space, and a friendly atmosphere, it is well worth going to if you are in that neck of the woods.

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Anonymous said...

The Spytighen Duvel means The Mournfoul Devil. (Cf the Duvel beer!)

Remember Catholicism? After church, right to the bar - and back to church the next Sunday.