Monday, July 14, 2008

Belgian Beer no.249: Westmalle Extra

A series of beers reviewed by Michael follows for the next couple of days. This will give us the chance to try and drink some more for you.
Text and photo: Michael
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You will not find this in any shop anywhere – apparently this beer is only for sale at the Westmalle Abbey itself. Having heard of its existence, I was keen to try it. Like the Westvleteren beers, the bottle comes without label – apparently the beer is intended only for the monks. I can only say that I was very disappointed with this beer. At 5%, I didn’t expect the same experience as a Westmalle Tripel, but certainly didn’t expect such a bland offering – perhaps I should have tried this one before the two fantastic Struise Brouwers beers. Personally, I could find little difference in this “special” beer to a Stella, with the exception perhaps of tiny hint of spice.

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