Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Belgian Beer no.1: Kriek, the cherry beer

The first beer which will make its debut on this blog, is also the very first beer I tried in Belgium : the Kriek. A ruby red colored beer it is made out of cherries, slightly bitter but still very sweet. Very much a ‘girly’ beer, which has a variation on raspberry as well.
Rabbit à la Kriek (serves 4)

1 rabbit, cut into pieces
2 bottles of Kriek
1 jar of cherries in juice
1 knob of butter
2 red onions
maizena, honey, thym, bay, s&p

Fry the rabbit with a little butter in a casserole.
Add the finely chopped onions, the thyme, bay. Stir and let it cook.
Add to this mixture the cherries and the Kriek so that the rabbit is covered. Place in the pre heated oven for 45min.
When the meat is cooked, the sauce is let to thicken over low heat and if necessary, maizena can be added for texture.
Serve the rabbit with the sauce, roasted vegetables, potatoes or croquettes and a Kriek.
picture from InBev.com


Alison said...

I have to recommend Lindeman's Framboise and Peach beers... Delish!

Andreea said...

Alison, I have to agree with the Peach one. Less so the Framboise as I find it just a tiny bit too sweet :)