Friday, June 09, 2006

Belgian Beer no.61: Deus, or Champagne?

Fancy beer you’ll say. In the UK a bottle goes for as much as 32GBP. Why you’ll ask? Well … that’s where I am confused as well. But, then again, it’s fancy beer.
I’m talking about Deus, the new, bubbly beer by the Brewery Bosteels. The beer has almost double the alcohol concentration of a normal beer, at 11.5%. After being brewed in Belgium, the beer is taken to France, to the Champagne region for re-fermentation where it gets its bubbles.
Then there is the bottle. Just looking at it you’ll think luck struck and you are holding a bottle of Dom Perignon. Alas, the package is deceiving and you still have a beer … in a fancy bottle.
The beer is creamy, bubbly, fruity and with hints of malt, but it’s no Champagne!

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