Friday, July 03, 2009

Session 29: Will Travel for Beer

I am pretty sure the last Session took part in was Session 16. Now that is a LONG time ago!
Which is why, with a very sunny weekend coming up I thought it might be a good idea to share with you our (beer) travel destinations. Do we travel for beer? Honestly, no. Why? Because we have more beer than we can handle in Belgium. Our twist on the Session 29, hosted by Beer by Bart is thus ‘Will Travel for Beer to … Belgium’. There are a couple of must-beers (?) while in Belgium so if you do travel to Belgium for beer here goes top 3:
  • Try to visit Belgium during one of the following beer festivals: Zythos (usually in March); Brussels Beer Festival (usually beginning September); Bruxellensis (usually mid-September).
  • Stop at the Chez Moeder Lambic and ask one of the waiters to guide you through a selection of Belgian beers. They know what they are talking about and they are completely against ‘industrial’ beers, think Leffe and the like. Doesn’t mean I necessarily agree, as I do like a Leffe once in a while, but you’ll get to try some unique beers. (Note: there is a second Chez Moeder Lambic opening this year!)
  • If you want to take beer back home, either go to one of the bigger supermarkets – trust me, they stock a fair amount of beers at decent prices, or head to Delices et Caprices or Beer Mania.

And if none of these works then just drop me an email :)

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What a nice contribution to The Session.

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