Friday, June 06, 2008

Session 16 and a Beer Festival

Where did the time go? Really! Last time I took part in The Session it was way back in December. And now, here we are, already at The Session 16. This time around, The Session is hosted by Geistbear Brewing Blog and it is all about beer festivals.

Now of course I could tell you all about the Belgian Beer Festival(s). Or you could look up my Google Calendar and see what is coming up next. BUT. We just got back from a long weekend in Prague. And guess what? Without us even as much as trying we were there during the very first Czech Beer Festival. Talk about coincidence!

Ok, I know this post kind of goes against the whole 'Belgian Beer' blog idea, but bear with me. We did go to the Czech Beer Festival and we did have some beer. I do like beer, and I do like Pils. However I think somewhere in between this blog and our quest to try all the Belgian Beers out there our taste buds 'forgot' normal beers. All the beers we tried at the Czech Beer Festival were more or less ... the same! Very pleasant. Wonderfully refreshing for the heat we had. But really, kind of the same. Except a quite decent Budějovický Budvar dark (Budweiser dark).
I feel this is going to be a controversial post!

Now, the actual beer festival: more Oktoberfest than beer festival. Again, I can only compare to things I know. Such as a Zythos, or a Bruxellensis. Brewers, sharing their beer and the art of tasting. The Czech Beer Festival? Endless tables and benches and lots of massive beer mugs. Very Oktoberfest'ish. Confession? I am not a big fan of Oktoberfests.

And almost all the beers were served at all the stands. Which kind of (for me at least) made the whole beer festival/ discover brewers a little confusing. How come everyone was serving the same beer? Or did I get it all wrong.

Did we have fun? Of course we had fun. It was great to discover something a little different, and see the Czech Beer Festival at work. Then we made it all up for and went to the best ever beer pub in Prague. The Pivovarsky Klub. Absolutely fantastic!

Normal Belgian Beer blogging will resume tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone.


Noggin said...

Welcome back.

Nothing controversial there - i've had pretty much the same experiences with czech beers - its almost like a step down compared to the wealth of styles and tastes of our dear Belgian Beers.

Boak said...

Interesting stuff - you should have probably spent the week before drinking Maes Pils to dumb down the tongue a bit!

I've never been to a Belgian festival, but I'm really interested in going to one. The Christmas beer one looked good last year but I was skint so couldn't make it in the end.