Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belgian Beer no.158: Brugs Tarwebier

There is no mystery to this: we've been to Bruges. Which means that we had to try the local beers (of course!). Problem is some have already made it on to Belgian Beers. Not the Brugs Tarwebier.
We tried the Tarwebier. At 5% an ideal summer white beer. Although it wasn't too hot outside. But a nice beer. Maybe a little uneventful?
Editing after Boak's comment: problem is the photo shows the Brugs Tarwebier (a white beer) bottle with the Brugs Blond (a blonde beer) glass. A little confusing, I know. But two different beers. One is a blanche (a white), the other a blond, and a little stronger at 6.5 % . In conclusion we had the white beer.


Boak said...

I'm confused. Is this the same as Brugs Wit / Blanche de Bruges?

I get my Belgian wits a bit confused...

Boak said...

Ah. All cleared up.

We've had this a few times - very pleasant but virtually identical to Hoegaarden in our opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hello people!

For those of you who are lucky to be in Brussels the weekend of the 31st of August, do not forget to drop by the Grande Place and participate in the Belgian Beer Weekend, more info at

It's a great occasion to taste rare beers, like the Westvleterens, just to name one the better known hard-to-find beers.

Andreea, if you are in Brussels and not in a remote town of Toscana trying to explain exactly what the EU does to your relatives or sun drying tomatoes, I expect some kind of review on this,

A Brussels nostalgic

Andreea said...

boak, glad to be of help

brussels nostalgic, i had to laugh out loud. i am actually in brussels (EU is on holiday!) so the weekend has been penciled in as beer and more beer. the plan is to go afternoon'ish take photos and 'taste', then when the photos start to get blurry, continue drinking :)

Sarah said...

I know this is an older blog post but... I was just in Brugges. Had the most amazing beer. The one pictured here. then went to the netherlands and had a beer that had virtually the same lable but had a tree on it ( You have labeled this the Tarwebier but the lable says Brugs. Ive tried both but I dont know which you are talking about here. I guess Im asking the same question as Boak.