Monday, December 18, 2006

Belgian Beer no.114: Saison 1900

We tried this beer no. 114 in one of my favorite Belgian Beer shops down town Brussels, the Delices & Caprices. The shop specializes in Belgian Beer and trust me, you won't be disappointed.
A lot of beers for me to blog from there! Tastings are also available, and there is cheese matured in beer to accompany your ... well, Belgian beers.
We tried a Saison 1900, brewed by the Brasserie Lefebvre. I tried beers from this brewery before, like the Barbar, a honey beer I really enjoy. The Saison 1900 was a little disappointing. A 5.2% an amber beer that lacked the 'wow' factor. Or maybe I am just too used to the overpowering Belgian Beer we tried so far.
Other beers brewed by the Brasserie Lefebvre are: the Barbar Brassin Winter; the Belgian Framboises (raspberry); the Belgian Kriek (cherry); the Belgian Peches (peach); the Blanche de Bruxelles; the Floreffe - which in itself includes a subgroup of 5 Belgian beers, the blond, the double, the triple, the prima melior and the blanche; the Moeder Overste; and finally the Newton.
Again did I mention I have no idea how I'll ever go through all the Belgian beers?!
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