Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Belgian Beer no.68: Blanche du Hainaut

Moving on to quite a different approach to Belgian Beer: the bio beer. Here an example of the Blanche du Hainaut which means the White from Hainaut. This bio beer is brewed by the Brasserie Dupont, which specializes in bio beers.
Producing beer since 1920, the Brasserie Dupont started off with honey beer (a personal favorite of mine). Then it extended its production to many other beers, amongst which the Blanche du Hainaut. A very refreshing white beer, at 5.5% it offered the right amount of joy.
Other Belgian Beers brewed by the Duponts are the Moinette Blonde 8.5%, the Moinette Brune 8.5%, the Biere de Beloeil 8.5%, the Avec les Bons Voeux (I am guessing this one is a Christmas beer) 9.5% and the Saison Dupont 6.5%. Ii the bio beer cathegory, the Duponts are brewing Moinette bio 7.5%, the Saison Dupont bio 5.5%, the Biere de Miel bio 8%, the aforementioned Blanche du Hainaut which I just tried out, and the Biolegere at 3.5% indeed a very 'leger' light beer.
Oh and just to complete the circle of Belgian traditions, the Brasserie Dupont also produces cheese with Moinette. Must be a fantastic place to visit.

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