Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Belgian Beer no.67: Triverius

Keeping up with all the Belgian Beer available is not as easy as I thought. Yet we are trying our best, and I have engaged friends and more friends in my quest of testing all the Belgian Beers out there. Then again, the Belgians are producing new beers at an incredible rate so difficult to keep up ...

Another Belgian Beer tried out was the Triverius. Again a white beer, quite light at 6.8% - I am purely saying this in Belgian Beer terms - Triverius is a refreshing starter beer. Brewed by the De Graal Brewery is it a Belgian Beer with hints of coriander and oranges. So very much a summer beer.
Other Belgian Beers brewed by De Graal (the story never ends!) are De Graal Gember 8%, De Graal Blond 6.5%, De Graal Dubbel 6.5%, De Graal Trippel 9% and De Graal Speciale 8%.

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