Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Belgian Beer no.60: Brugse Zot, the lunatic

Now this is a beer that goes way back to 1564. In the hands of Henri I, Henri II , Henri III and Henri IV, De Halve Maan Brewery (in translation the Half Moon) made it to the 50's.

Then in 2002 it seems the last beer brewed in Brugge was saying good bye to the city, the Straffe Hendrik. Yet in 2005, the Halve Maan Brewery restarted producing beer and is today the only one producing beer in Brugge. So the Brugse Zot (the Brugge Lunatic) is the only real Brugge beer left! There is only one more, the Brugse Zot double.

The beer is very pleasant, and at 6% a very refreshing and pleasant white beer.

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