Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Belgian Beer no.69: Gouyasse, or Goliath

Another Belgian Beer tried out at the Bier Circus. This time around my ordering criteria were very simple: a white beer I don't know. This is how I came across the Gouyasse.
Apparently the name is a sweet diminutive (?) given to Goliath, tradition and history which repeat itself every year in Ath, the region where this beer comes from.
I really enjoyed this Belgian Beer. A little on the bitter side, it was a refreshing white beer at 6%. Very much your classic white beer, tastes of hops and malt.
Brewed by the Brasserie des Geants, in translation the Giants, you can imagine that the Gouyasse is not the only Belgian Beer they brew. Others are the Gouyasse Triple 9%, the Saison Voisin 5%, the Urchon 7.5%, the Ducassis 5.7%.

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