Thursday, June 15, 2006

Belgian Beer no.64: Ezel or ... Donkey

Now how funky is this beer? Called Ezel = Donkey, yet another white beer. But who can resist such a name, Ezel, for a Belgian Beer? Loved it.

This beer is brewed by the Bavik Brewery, which was established 1894. Still an independent brewery, the Bavik Brewery brewes quite a lot of beer ... more about that later.

The Ezel beer, a white beer at 5.8%, the beer has a very full bodied taste (I know this refers more to wines than beers...).
Besdies the Ezel, the Bavik Brewery also produces the Bavik Premium Pils (5.2%), the Big Bavik (5%), the Wittekerke (5%), the Wittekerke Speciale (5.8%), the Wittekerke Rosé (4.3%), the Ezel Brown (6.5%) ... do you really want me to go on? ... the Petrus Old Dark (5.5%), the Petrus Speciale (5.5%), the Petrus Golden Triple (7.5%), the Petrus Double Borwn (6.5%), the Petrus Blond Ale (6.6%), the Petrus Winterbeer (0% - now who would have thought that is possible amongst the Belgian Beers?), the Petrus Aged Pale (7.3%), the Pilaarbijter Blond (7.2%), the Pilaarbijter Dark (but of course! at 6.5%) ... and oh, oh, oh I am done! Let me count: that makes no more no less than 14 different other beers.

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