Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Belgian Beer no.58: La Rulles (my new favorite!)

Whilst down town, in one of our favorite bars, Delirium, we tried their 'new' beer. The La Rulles. And I absolutely love it. If it wouldn't be for the sake of research and this blog I would probably stick to this beer for a long time ...

A very young brewery, the artisanal Brewery of Rulles was set up in 2000. They just celebrated their 6th anniversay last weekend (I totally missed the invitation to visit the brewery!). They produce 4 beers (of course they do!), but so far I have only tired the Blonde 7%. The beer tastes very much like German yeasty beers, with a hint of biscuits. How can I not love it? :)

The other beers produced are the Rulles Brune 6.5%, the Triple 8.3%, and the Maxi Blonde (that's the one I am buying next).

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