Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Belgian Beer no.171 : Val Dieu Triple

Last one in the recent Moeder Lambic 'tasting'. No worries, we did have the 'usual' Belgian beers as well ... like the Kwak, the Delirium, and the Duvel - we did after all take family there for a true Belgian experience. On our side we opted for the more unusual ones.
The Val Dieu Triple. Strength and serenity? Apparently. At 9% it finished us off. A very nice blonde beer though, brewed by Brasserie Val Dieu. Asking for a blonde (and having drunk most of them) I think the waiter decided to finish me off - and brought me this one. A great beer, but I was a lot more impressed with the previous two.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Great to read about all those new beers, can't wait to go to Brussels and try some of them!
Just had a nice Leffe blonde this evening, but by the time I thought of your blog I had drunk it already! Although it is one of my favorites, I think it might be just too common to review just yet! We'll leave the "all time classics" for the end of the belgian beer search!
Greetings from Spain,


VdeAlmeida said...

Belgian Shop is sending me some of these! Lucky me! :-)