Monday, October 24, 2005

Belgian Beer no.6: Duvel, the devil beer

Duvel means ‘the devil’ in Flemish. And a devilish beer it is. Served in a tulip like glass (yet again a unique glass for this beer only), it is 8,5% alcohol and trust me, you can feel that.

Brewed by Duvel Moortgat since the late 1800, Duvel is one of the most popular beers of Belgium. Brewed for the first time just after the First World War, Duvel was known at first as ‘Victory Ale’. Following though its devilish nature, it soon became ‘Duvel’. And has been known under that name ever since.

The classic ‘red’ Duvel is the one usually available for mass consumption, however a less strong version exists as well, the ‘green’ Duvel. Today sold all over the world, Duvel has become a reference point for Belgian beer and I doubt you will ever enter a Belgian bar without seeing someone with a Duvel in front. Probably a Duvel without the foam 'hat' as I poured it, but a Duvel nevertheless.

Marinated pork fillets in Duvel (serves 4)

2 pork fillets
2 spoons mustard seed
1 bottle of Duvel
50 gr of butter
s&p, little sugar, parsley

Cover the fillets generously with mustard. Place them in a dish, pour the beer over them and cover with a foil in order to keep them fresh. Marinate them overnight in the fridge.
Next day remove the mustard from the fillets, rinse and dry them. Then roll the fillets in flour and fry them in half of the butter. Season with some salt and sugar.
Pour the marinade of mustard over the meat, then cover the dish and leave it simmer for about 10 minutes.
Remove the fillets from the sauce, and set them aside (keep them warm). Thicken the sauce by mixing in the remaining butter and flour. Then add the chopped parsley.
Serve with apple-sauce and potato croquettes.


Otty said...

How about if you add some apples to the recipe, does that work?

Andreea said...

I imagine that could work too. Stewed (?), hot apples. Apple sauce and croquettes stay though truly Belgian side dishes.

KevBrews said...

Thanks for this recipe. We made it tonight with baked apples. Delish.