Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belgian Beer no.165: Gulden Draak

This is a totally new beer. The Gulden Draak. Golden Dragon? Brewed by the Brasserie Van Steenberge, and at 10,5% starting to be quite strong. (You might have noticed we are still at the Beer Weekend, and the alcohol amount has increased. Which might explain the increasing fuzziness of the photos!)
If you ask me this is quite a heavy beer, a dark hoppy taste; and well a lot to process.
Other beers brewed by Van Steenberge and featured on www.belgian-beers.eu : Celis Blanche, Leute Bokbier, and Gentse Tripel.


Jason said...

This looks like a great brew for me to try! I am just starting to enter the world of Belgian Beers, and your site looks like a great resource. I'll be stopping by often.

Andreea said...

jason, glad you dropped by. have just linked to you as well. let me know when you get to try the dragon :)

Michael said...

Can't believe you were still standing after this one Andreea!

It's the 3rd time I have had one of these and each time slightly different taste, but same effect!

This one is strong, but very easy ( if not too easy) too drink. Reminds me alot of St Bernardus 12.

First time I have noticed the white plastic coating on the bottle.

Andrew Marcone said...

We have a bar in Phila. Pa. that has it on tap. I never vist the city without stopping by for a few.(you cannt just have one)

VdeAlmeida said...

There you are! One of the many belgian beers I love. And always present in my "biérotheque" :-).
Wonderful beer, indeed