Thursday, September 13, 2007

Belgian Beer no.161 and 162: Ada Blonde and Ada Brune

Brasserie de Val de Sambre / Brasserie de l'Abbaye d'Alune - who knows? Another new beer tried during the beer weekend. Just for info, before you start wondering: the beer glasses you see behind the beers I blog about are not actual beers drank by us. Some yes but most of them just empty glasses left by the many (many!) visitors.
Back to the Ada beers. The blond and the brune one. The blond one, a strong 7% beer. Quite hoppy. The brune one, again a 7% beer, a little on the burnt toast/ caramel side.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What an extensive beer coverage! This particular Abbaye d'Alune brewery looks pretty nice, I suppose their beers are not available in GB or Delhaize, are they?

Thanks for the posts,