Monday, September 17, 2007

Belgian Beer no.164: Ename Dubbel

Brewed by the Roman Brewery, I missed trying this is beer last year. Which doesn't mean, we don't know this beer. Au contraire. We love this beer.

Sort of another great brune. Really, if you get the chance to try it, do opt for this alternative ( I am thinking here Chimay drinkers ... etc). Ename Dubble, an abbey beer, 6.5% (ay ay ay) but a great beer. Of course there are three other Enames: the blond, the tripel, and the cuvee 974.

Who said this task of trying all the Belgian beers is boring?


Anonymous said...

Great beer, hard to find in south - america ... but I had the chance to try it in Amsterdam ... and will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Psst...are you sure the 10% is not 10ÂșC drinking temperature? It's not that I know this beer by heart, it's more what I just read on


Sure does look like a nice beer, and what better place to have it than the Grande Place, "the world's greatest stage" according to Jean Cocteau!

A Brussels nostalgic

Andreea said...

anaymous, glad you liked it.
ABN you saved me again :)