Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Belgian Beer no.167: Bockor Blauw

The last one from the Beer Weekend.
You see, the problem with the Beer Weekend is that a) you can not get in anymore after 9:30pm, which is fair enough as the festival ends at 10:00pm and b) if you so happen to have to go the loo after 9:30pm (erh, hello, beer festival?!) the very clever (!) guards do not let you back in.
NOT fair. Wrong on so many levels. First, sorry, but who was behind the brilliant idea of placing the loos outside the Beer Weekend fence? (Oh, yes, the brewers booths are all fenced in).
Next time I bet there will be people loo'ing inside the fenced area after 9:30pm ... Simply stupid, stupid, stupid. Rant over.
So on to the last beer from the Beer Weekend. The Bockor Blauw (as in blue). Brewed by Bockor. Oh, and anyone wonder at all that I am only at beer no.167 and apparently there are about 3000 Belgian beers out there? Scary.
Bockor Blauw. A lot of fuss for a simple pils beer. The same as a pils, the Blauw distinguishes itself through a slightly deeper colour. 5.2%


Anonymous said...


Thanks for those posts, I think there is somethink metaphysical in this recount of all belgian beers, like a neverending search for something! I promise to contrbute with some beers asap!

You people are so lucky to be able to go to all these nice events!

One idea I have for your fantastic site would be a beer review in the actual Trappist abbeys! I´ve always thought it was a great idea to do Trappist abbey tourism, I´ve actually only been to one: Abbaye de St. Remy where they make Rochefort. The countryside of the Ardennes is a very recommended place to go for an overnight stay in one of the many auberges or rural hotels there are all over.

So, in case anyone had some plans of going around Belgium, how about making a detour to the nearest Trappist abbey (Belgium is small, any trip you make will have one nearby) and telling us about it?

A Brussels nostalgic

Andreea said...

ABN, there are only that many hours in a day/ week :)
but i agree. it would be great to have reviewso n the abbeys and their beers. we have been always planning it, and never got to do it. if you have anything on the abbye st. remy, please feel free to write some and we'll post it here. same goes for any other abbey visitors. and the moment we'll finally make it to one (hey only been living here for 10 y!) i'll write about it.