Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Belgian Beer no.145: Paasbier

This is a very confusing beer so to speak. Why? Well, we went to Helsinki on holiday. Which is where I saw the beer. Have never seen it in Belgium. The label says it's a Belgian beer brewed after a Finnish recipe!
The beer seems to be brewed in Belgium, by De Proefbrouwerij, so the mystery continues. We didn't actually buy one to taste it as the prices in Helsinki are just a little bit over the price I'll pay for a beer (a Leffe is 6euro!!!). The beer is a dark ale, which reading the reviews seems to score 'average'.
Has anyone tried this beer / or even seen this beer in Belgium?
Please note the new url www.belgian-beers.eu


Rodrigo said...

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Boak said...

Hey Andreea

You haven't posted for a while - are you doing the session tomorrow?