Sunday, June 10, 2007

Belgian Beer no.138 & no.139: Malmedy Blanche & Blonde

These beers were tried during the Medieval Festival in Brussels. The actual brewers came all the way from Malmedy with their beers, for us (city people!) to try out.
The Brasserie de Bellevaux (again, did anyone hear about this one?) are only brewing B beers - Blonde, Blanche, Brune and Black. We tried the Blonde and the Blanche. I absolutely loved the Blanche, a very light 4.8% beer. Very much a summer beer which explains why production of this beer stops towards autumn, when the brewery starts producing the Black. Something else to look forward to.

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Bailey said...

Black sounds very enticing. Do we think that, like a German Schwarz or a stout, it will be a little roasted/toasted?