Friday, July 06, 2007

Session 5: The Search for Cheers

A new event (for me!) sort of similar to WBW - the Session. I have not yet had the time to enquire where the name comes from, but I am intrigued. A regular event on beer? And I missed it for so long? Ts ts ts.

This time around the event is hosted by Hop Talk, where the round up will be set as well. In short Session no. 5 referred to atmosphere - Where is your favorite place to have a beer? When? With whom? Most importantly: why? At first I thought this might be just a little too well, non beer, but then again I never asked myself these questions.

Favorite place to have a beer: there are several around Brussels, but my local, Cafe Belga still stays at the top. It's a big place, recently non smoking (sorry guys, but I am into the whole non-smoke thing. I am happy when I get home not to smell like a pub!). The place is loud, is young, occasionally has live music, and a decent range of simply drinkable beers.

With whom? Besides the very close people to me just about everyone enjoying beer. I am not choosy as such, and I enjoy it when people like to discover Belgian beers and enjoy a drink or two.

Why? Because I can? That's a though one. I guess because the choice is so varied I can just not stop being curious (or is that a very girly thing to say?). It's impossible to not be drinking beer when there are so many beers available. Plus everyone drinks beer in Belgium :)

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Bailey said...

Good point about smoke -- we forgot to mention it. For some people, smoke is part of the atmosphere (literally and figuratively) but I've left perfectly nice pubs, with nice company, earlier than I wanted to because they were so smoky my eyes started watering. No smoke = good atmosphere, as far as I'm concerned.