Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bier - Mania and Beer Tours

Holidays are approaching fast. I should know, as I have just returned from a short and well deserved break. As beer drinkers (lovers?) what have you planned this holiday? If you are still considering, here a very good tip: Bier Mania.
I first met the Bier Mania dream team (Evi and Andy) at the last Bruxellensis beer festival. Since then we regularly get information and meet them when they are on one of their fantastic beer tours. The concept? Easy: they set up tailor made beer tours in and around Belgium where you get to visit the breweries, taste the beer and most of all have a lot of fun. And more beer.

What I like about Bier Mania is not that much the actual concept - you'll say beer tasting can be done alone! - but the fact they take the time to put together brewery visits, beers tastings and food tastings to suit your wishes. A lot of their beer information comes from insiders (ahem ... like me!) so you will get to visit breweries, taste beers, but also go to that one beer shop, that one pub that will make your experience just that little bit different.
And if you don't believe me then just take a look at the photo: don't they look Chouffes-happy? :)
Please note the new url www.belgian-beers.eu

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Stonch said...

I'm going on one of Andy's tours at the end of July, together with fellow beer blogger Ron Pattinson. It's a 6 day tour of Franconia.