Sunday, June 10, 2007

Belgian Beer no.142: Li Pri’Reye di Licint

Now this is probably a beer very few come across - if they don't look really (really!) hard.
Lincent, where the beer comes from, is a village close to Liege. A certain brotherhood Li Pîr’rêye Di Lîcint was born there.
And what did the brotherhood do? Brew beer. To be exact two beers, the blonde and the brune. Pure malt and hops, the beers are at 6.8% and 8.7% respectively. We shared a bottle of the blonde one.
Very interesting indeed...


Michael / Noggin said...

Thanks for posting all these new unheard of beers.

I guess it will be a while until they grow fins and manage to find their way this side of the Channel :((

Getting together a long list now of beers to try for our next Belgian visit.

Did you get to try the Abbaye de Forest ?

Boak said...

Hi Andreea

Thanks for checking out our blog and linking to us. We like your site although we always get extremely envious of the beers you have access to!

Do you take your own pictures?

Andreea said...

michael, yes we did, and i will post shortly on the beer. very similar to a Leffe (just to give you an idea!)

boak, beer is all about belgium :). or vice versa. and yes all photos are my personal take on the beers we taste (and you can guess why some are way fuzzy!)