Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Belgian Beer no.188: Haanse Witte

Getting closer to the coast. We stopped in De Haan. (A very scenic coast city if you get the chance to visit!) And guess what? They have their own city beer, so to speak. The Haanse Witte (the white from de Haan?)

A little confused on who is brewing this one, as it seems to be Den Haene, on the other hand could it be Brasserie Strubbe? Nevermind this though. It was a great beer, light at 5.5% , and a perfect seaside white beer. Loved it.


Anonymous said...

awesome glass!!!

Filip Geerts said...

This beer is indeed brewed for beer firm Den Haene at bry. Strubbe.
Great report.
Filip (http://www.belgianbeerboard.com)

Boak said...

Looks beautiful