Saturday, November 17, 2007

All Belgian Beers


How do I put this? I am looking for the right word ... still looking ... this is the most FANTASTIC book ever! Do I sound a little bit over the top? Well, that's because this book is so FANTASTIC.

Ok, enough. Perhaps I should tell you more about the book. All Belgian Beers, Les Bieres Belges, Alle Belgische Bieren is a very much hot off the press new book on Belgian Beers. Which explains why I am writing about it. This is a Belgian Beer blog after all. Plus it's almost time for Christmas so if you don't know what to get/ or what to receive this is perfect timing.

The book arrived yesterday. A lot smaller than I thought, but also a lot thicker (over 1500 pages). A very compact little book, but oh my God, the information in it! And I thought we tried a lot of beers. You don't know a thing about Belgian Beers till you have seen the amount of beers in this book.

Over 750 Belgian Beers have made it into the book, together with information on: fermenting and beer style, composition, alcohol content, colour, how to serve the beer and at what temperature, description of the character and taste. And as if this isn't enough, there is also space for personal notes at the bottom of each page. To give you an idea, I spent about 1h yesterday reading up on ... beers. I don't read on beers. I drink beers. But there you go ... Plus the photography is pretty good, and I also got to discover a whole lot of new beer glasses.

What else could I tell you about this book? It costs 35euro (that is 51USD or 25GBP) and it gets shipped world wide. Perhaps not the cheapest book on the planet, but think about this: Christmas presents (!) and trust me, you'll probably have enough Belgian Beer to read on way into next year.

Did anyone get the book already? Now available on Amazon as well.


Noggin said...

Thanks for the heads up on this book Andreea.

Amazon currently has this book at £26.99 and sold out!

Personally think that it's a high cost to pay for a book even though the contents are sure to be appealing.

Could you send my missus an email and tell her the hole in my slippers can wait another year?

Anonymous said...

What's up!

Yeah, looks like an interesting belgian beer encyclopedia to me! Just to let you know, I hinted my sister with the following book as a Christmas present

It's by beer guru Michael Jackson (no relation with the other dude) who unfortunately passed away very recently.

I will let you know about it if Santa finally brings it to me, although this year I've kind of bad so I'm not sure about that!

Take care,

A Brussels Nostalgic

Andreea said...

noggin, pricey indeed, so wait for next year maybe the prices will drop?

ABN, up for a book review if/ after you get the book? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Oops, that link was badly copied, here it goes again

Yep, if I get it you can count on a review!



daz_racing said...

Damn and blast...!!!

I had hold of a copy of this book while visiting a beer wharehouse in Ghent.

Thought it looked a great book, although a bit pricey. I had to decide... do I want to buy and drink the beer or buy a book that just talked about it?!

Mmmmm, so, here I am drinking a Rochefort 10 - nuff said!

However, I WILL be ordering the book from Waterstones VERY soon ;-)


assikilo aka ася said...

this is the most FANTASTIC book ever! Do I sound a little bit over the top? Well, that's because this book is so FANTASTIC