Friday, November 16, 2007

Belgian Beer no.184: McChouffe

(I promise the blurry photo had nothing to do with the strength of beers tried before or after.)
The McChouffe. For Chouffe fans probably nothing new. For me though yes. Sorry, but as such I am not a die hard Chouffe fan. I like the beer. And that's about it.
One question we asked ourselves with the McChouffe: why does the Achouffe Brewery think that Scottish beers are all dark ales? Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe Scottish beers are all dark ales. (Are they?!). The McChouffe is a Skotch from the Ardennes, a dark ale at 8.5%. Good beer.

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Noggin said...

Not sure whether that's either the perception or the reality.

I did read that the McChouffe was inspired by a Scottish friend of the brewers.

Personally, I really do prefer the La Chouffe, simply because I found a 75cl bottle of McChouffe very hard going, whereas a La Chouffe is quite crisp and moresey,