Monday, July 30, 2007

Session 6 and Belgian Beer no.156: Hoegaarden Rosée

'When God created man, it was just for laughs!' or maybe 'The difference between a man and E.T.? E.T. calls home.'
This and many other 'female' jokes accompany the newly launched publicity campaign for Hoegaarden Rosée, a newby on the market. Clearly, the beer was 1 - designed for the summer and 2 - aimed at women. So I went and got myself a six-pack (how girly does this sound, eh?)
A fruit beer (raspberry) combining the flavors of the traditional Hoegaarden White now with hints of fruit and summer. And my entry for Session 6 hosted by Beer, Beats & Bites: The Session!
Taste? Well it's a fruit beer. I had a very long love affairs with cherry beers and still like an occasional Kriek. But I kind of prefer the Blanche avec Citron (a Hoegaarden White with a slice of lemon) over their rosier version. Plus the Hoegaarden Rosee almost doesn't taste like beer (it's a 4.5%). It does look very pretty though. Very pink.


Boak said...

The Campaign for Real Ale have suggested that real ale should be better marketed towards women.

Hope that kind of thing isn't what they have in mind...or does it work?

Andreea said...

boak, funny, as i replied to that same article. you know what? it does work. i can never bring myself to have a pint in the uk, although i'd probably drink the same quantity here ... just n a more 'refined' way. guess it's all about image :)

James said...

cool. a pretty beer.

Gregor said...

I tried this one for the first time on holiday in Brussels last week and I thought it tasted just like turkish delight. I know it's aimed at women but I really like it. My girlfriend disagrees though- she was drinking Grimbergen triple!

Andreea said...

james, indeed.
gregor, brave girlfriend :) but glad you liked the beer.