Friday, July 20, 2007

Belgian Beer no.155: Boerinneken

Here is an odd beer out: Boerinneken (the farmer's wife). I only took a photo of the bottle neck because there was no label on the bottle except the one you see. Very little information indeed.
Boerinneken is brewed by Den Ouden Advocaat, (but see comments for more precise information), which is more like a cooperative than a brewery (they also produce pralines, honey, etc). The Boerinneke is one in a pair of two: the Boerken (the farmer) and the above mentioned. The restaurant didn't have the male version though.
Boerinneken. A very strong blond beer, abbey type, at 9.5%. But a very interesting and pleasant taste. I really liked it, but it does go to your head. The beer is fermented in the bottle.


Steven said...

Brewery = De Proefbrouwerij (Lochristi).

Boerken en Boerinneken said...

Verstraeten H&S from Beveren-Waas is the owner now.