Saturday, July 14, 2007

Belgian Beer no.150: Cochonnette

Staying in the region with two (very!) funny beers. First one Cochonette (Mrs. Piggy?). Brewed by the Brasserie a Vapeur.
Now as funny the label and the name are, the beer is not my style. Please note this is only a question of taste. The beer is an ale beer and at 9% was too strong for me. Beer is beer, wine is wine! This beer is very dark, very strong and very fruity. A strange mix which I am sure works for many.
Might be of interest that the Brasserie a Vapeur is publicly brewing every last Saturday of the month.


Noggin said...

Totally agree with you on this one Andreea.

For me it was like drimking chip shop vinegar.

boak said...

I like the way that 9% is too strong, but 8% is perfectly normal...

Nog said...

Boak, that's the beauty of having a blog like this - everyone's pallette is different. :)

Compare though, a Kasteelbier at 11%, to a Cochonnette at 9% and you will perhaps understand the post.

A Kasteelbier IS strong, but the abv is well disguised on the pallette.

Cochonette on the other hand has a lower abv, but an overpowering acidic bite that not only over exaggerates the abv, but like the post suggests, gives the pallette the impression of being a cheap and tacky wine.

Andreea said...

boak, i agree and trust me lots of people already think 6.5% are stong beers.

problem with the cochonette is that it kind of tastes like wine, while being a beer. best would be to try it out and then see for yourself. our group though didn't like these beers. but we drank it all in the name of reserach :)

Boak said...

I'd love to try them all out, believe me!

Just need to get a job in Belgium for a couple of years, then maybe I'll be able to catch up!

Claudia said...

I have tasted the cochonnette beer just yestarday for the first time in an Italian pub, and for me it was a great surprise..both for the fact of finding such an unusual beer in a small Italian pub, and for the good taste of it.
I really enjoied the fruity fragrance, differently from what you've been writing here so far.
I hope that I am not the only one!
Bye bye