Monday, June 09, 2008

Belgian Beer no.232: Jessenhofke - UPDATE

This beer is here only as a statement to the fact that there are also Belgian Beers I do not like. This being one. I was not sure if this was: beer or cough syrup? Probably one of the most herbal beers I ever had. Or will ever have. Brrr.

On the other hand their B&B looks lovely and you can brew your own beer ... so definitely worth a try. But this one? A miss.

Jessenhofke, 8% by Jessenhofke Brewery.

Update: Following this review, we were contacted by the producers of Jessenhofke. They invited us for a further tasting - respecting optimal beer tasting conditions.

An initiative I very much welcome. Perhaps sometimes we do not follow 'ideal' beer tasting rules. I can agree with that. Perhaps sometimes we just don't like a particular beer.

However I find it admirable that a beer producer takes the time to read and consider a blog review. And consequently makes an effort to understand the tasters point of view.

What is your feeling on such approach by producers?

Keep an eye on the updated review (sometimes in July 2008).

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Noggin said...

Great that a beer producer has the "right to reply" so to speak, and better still that they have afforded the time to give a second opinion.

Liking a beer is a matter of personal opinion and pallette, so what tastes good to one, may not be tha same for others.

Bravo to Jessenhofke for speaking up and giving you, and them second chance.