Thursday, June 26, 2008

Belgian Beer no.236 - no.240: Pere Noel, Guldenberg, Kriek de Ranke, XX Bitter, Cuvée de Ranke

Should I call this group (beer) photo? Here we go, more beer for us, more beer for you. All of them are from Brouwerij/ Brasserie de Ranke. Now aside from the website (Opening July 2005? We're almost in July 2008!) here are the beers:
No. 236 Pere Noel. 7%. Your usual strong, Christmas beer. Slighty hoppy and bitter.
No. 237 Guldenberg. 8.5%. Ale type beer, storng, blond. Strong.
No. 238 Kriek de Ranke. 7%. Lambic. Cherry. Sweet.
No. 239 XX Bitter. 6.2%. Some citrus and some hops. A nice bitterness to it.
No. 240 Cuvee de Ranke. 7%. Did you really expect impressions for the last one as well? :)

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