Friday, June 06, 2008

EuroBeers. Let's See.

Laughing out loud!

Now let's see. What are your favorite qualified countries/ respective beers? International readers, we want to know.

I had to laugh at the following Euro Champs of beer. Brilliant!

Quarter Finals:

Germany v Ireland (Guiness) - Germany
Czecho v Poland - Czecho
Belgium v France - Belgium
England (London Pride) v Scotland (Deuchars IPA) - England


Germany v Czecho - Czecho
Belgium v England - Belgium


Czecho v Belgium





Noggin said...

Excellent link. ( click on laughing out loud)

It is worth pointing out to those not familiar with the European Soccer Championships that the author of the original article, has chosen beers from the countries that have qualified for the championship finals. ( which begin today).

The progression from group stage to final, pair teams according to their standings at each group stage in the same way as the soccer championships will work.

Andreea's post is from a reply way down which includes countries who are crap at soccer ( England, Scotland, Ireland, and our beloved Belgium) and therefore did not qualify for the finals.

Very clever idea and an excellent read - thanks Andreea !

Stonch said...

England and Scotland have not qualified for the Euro finals!

Noggin said...

That's what is funny about the post - the original article had all genuine Euro Finalists but a poster cleverly twisted it to include England and Scotland - and Belgium! :)