Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Belgian Beer no.99: Charmette

Oh la la ... how better to celebrate 100-1 Belgian Beers than with a Charmette? A charming Belgian Beer. Brewed by the Silenrieux Brasserie this is a new beer, sporting a very girly new label. Not to put guys off the beer, no worries. At 7% it is more than a strong beer, both blond and amber. I had the amber one, didn't like it so much (quite herby for my taste) ... still have to try the blonde one out.
Corrections: after reading some of the comments made on TBX, corrections are in order. Indeed it was the blond Charmette. The amber beer is expected end of this year. Very interesting as well, the name 'Charmette' was given based on the freedom to vote given to women in 1960.
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