Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Belgian Beer no.100: Queue de Charrue

Another new Belgian Beer: the Queue de Charrue. Brewed by the Brasserie Vanuxeem this beer belongs to what looks like a very big, important brewery. Funny I never heard of it ...
At the Franco-Belgian Beer Festival I tried the Queue de Charrue blonde, a very strong beer at 9%. a very nice blonde beer, fermentation still taking place in the bottle. The brewery also produces the Queue de Charrue brown 5.4%, and amber 5.6%.
And please note it is the Belgian Beer no.100! To celebrate, additionally a recipe: quail with Queue de Charrue blonde.
Quail with Queue de Charrue (serves 4)
4 quails
1 bottle of Queue de Charrue blonde
1/4l chicken stock
1/8l cream
150gr wild mushroom
125gr minced meat
salt and pepper
Brown the quails and the minced mint in a little oil.
Pour the beer over.
Leave to cook for 35min, then add the wild mushrooms.
Add the cream. Reduce.
Season. Serve with potato croquettes
(recipe from the Vanuxeem website)

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