Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Belgian Beer no.88, no.89, no.90: Keyte, Wittoen, Dikke Mathile

Three Belgian Beers in one go. All brewed by the same brewery, the Brouwerij Strubbe. First one in the picture (from left to right) is the Keyte. This beer was brewed by the Brouwerij Strubbe to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the end of the siege of Ostende (1601 - 1604). Especially ordered for that occasion, the brewery continues to produce Keyte and we got to try it at the Belgian Beer Weekend. At 7.5% quite a strong beer.
On to the second one, the Wittoen. Again some history lesson to lear: the name comes from the Knight Jan Wittoen (1417). This is an amber, tripler beer at 8%, slight yeasty and herby taste.
The last one, the Dikke Mathile (aka Fat Mathile). the name comes form a statue to be found on the Belgian coast, the Dikke Mathile. They are still legally debating the copyright issues here! Back to the beer, an amber beer at 6%, fermentation in the bottle.
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