Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Belgian Beer no.96, no.97 and no.98: La Joseph, Le Pavé de l'Ours, La Sara

We enter the world of the Franco-Belgian Beer Festival. A new brewery, new beers. The first one we stopped at was the Silenrieux Brasserie.
As I never heard of this one before, it was also the first brewery we went to. All Belgian Beers we didn't know: the Joseph 5.4%, the Pavé de l'Ours 8.9%, the Sara 6% and four others I didn't take pictures of. They are the Pagoda beer, the 150th (the actual name of the beer), the Georgina, the Lions, and the Kolendienne. Oh and there is one more, to follow as Belgian Beer no.99.
At the Franco-Belgian Beer Festival I tried the Sara - a girly beer for a girl. A buckwheat beer. I should have tried the Pavé de l'Ours as it is a honey beer, but so many beers ... so little time.

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